Real Estate


  • Richard R. Freeman
  • H. Allen Yow
  • Bradley W. Wilson
  • Jenna L. Tucker

The experienced attorneys at Rammelkamp Bradney assist businesses, farmers, and individuals with all types of real estate issues in central and western Illinois.  Our firm is dedicated to helping clients understand all phases of a real estate transaction and protecting clients’ interests from initial contract negotiation, to financing, inspections, and regulatory compliance, and all the way to closing.

Rammelkamp Bradney has extensive experience in structuring tax-deferred exchanges. When selling business or investment property, capital gains tax can have a drastic effect on financial growth potential, cash flow and reinvestment opportunities.  Rammelkamp Bradney can assist in structuring those tax-deferred exchanges to alleviate the burden of untimely capital gains tax.

The real estate attorneys at Rammelkamp Bradney serve businesses and farmers in Jacksonville, Springfield, and surrounding areas.  They work with clients to minimize liability exposure, address issues with title, and ensure that the client’s interests are protected.  Not only have real estate contracts become more complex, but these transactions can also raise issues of estate planning and taxation.  As a full-service law firm, Rammelkamp Bradney has the knowledge and experience to address these important issues and more.

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