Environmental Law


  • Amy L. Jackson

A violation of environmental law, even an alleged violation, can be very costly. Companies and agribusiness operations need sound counsel and effective legal services to minimize their risks. Rammelkamp Bradney represents businesses, farmers, agribusiness firms and municipalities in cases involving alleged violations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act, Pollution Control Board, and Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Rammelkamp Bradney believes strongly in taking proactive efforts to avoid potential problems before they emerge. The firm can advise and assist companies at all stages of the permitting process, including risk assessment, preparation and review of environmental impact studies, compliance, and representation before local and state agencies. The goal of the firm in these efforts will be to achieve local or state approvals as quickly and efficiently as possible, while minimizing legal risks.

Rammelkamp Bradney also maintains an active environmental litigation practice. The firm has successfully represented clients in numerous cases involving alleged environmental law violations. In your case, Rammelkamp Bradney will work to build a strong and effective defense designed to avoid or minimize sanctions and penalties, which enables your business to operate in compliance with all applicable regulations.