Litigation and Trial


  • H. Allen Yow
  • Amy L. Jackson
  • Ryan D. Byers

While much of the work at Rammelkamp Bradney involves advice aimed at minimizing the possibility of legal disputes, in some cases litigation is necessary. The Rammelkamp Bradney Law Firm has had an active trial practice for many years.

Carrying on a tradition of assertive trial advocacy, our attorneys handle cases over the full range of litigation practice areas.
Before the decision to initiate a lawsuit is made, the trial practice and litigation lawyers at Rammelkamp Bradney carefully analyze the nature of the dispute and the financial stakes involved, including the potential cost of an adverse verdict and probable legal costs. Rammelkamp Bradney discusses these risks and costs with the client so that the client can make the right decision about the matter.

Many cases can be resolved satisfactorily through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. If the decision is to move forward with a lawsuit, or a decision to defend a lawsuit is made, Rammelkamp Bradney will vigorously assert its clients’ rights at all stages of the litigation process.