Probate and Trust


  • Richard R. Freeman
  • H. Allen Yow
  • Bradley W. Wilson
  • Jenna L. Tucker

When a loved one passes away, put the legal details in the hands of the experienced attorneys at Rammelkamp Bradney. We will guide you through every step of the process of probating a will or administering a trust. We will also assist in court proceedings related to estate administration.

A properly structured trust may allow you to avoid the time and expense of probate. But trusts still require careful management, particularly where a trust acts as the estate for a deceased loved one. Experienced attorneys at Rammelkamp Bradney will help you understand the provisions of the trust document, make distributions as appropriate, and continue to manage and administer the trust according to its requirements. They can help you avoid legal issues and complications well into the future.

The attorneys at Rammelkamp Bradney also advise clients about guardianships for disabled or elderly individuals, and assist in petitioning the court to create such guardianships, along with all aspects of administering guardianships.

These are just some of the many ways Rammelkamp Bradney’s probate and trust attorneys can assist you.