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The Firm

When L. O. Vaught tacked up his shingle on the Jacksonville square in 1895, little did he know that a tradition of service, commitment to the community, and lineage of distinction had been launched.

Today, more than 100 years later, Rammelkamp Bradney continues to build upon that foundation of professionalism and is recognized as one of the most respected law firms in Illinois. In addition to the firm’s main office in Jacksonville, an expanding client base and demand for the firm’s legal knowledge have spurred the growth of offices in Springfield and Winchester, Illinois.

Rammelkamp Bradney attorneys carry on the firm’s rich heritage and high standards, bringing a depth and breadth of legal know-how that is sought by clients throughout the country.

A General Practice Law Firm

A general practice law firm, Rammelkamp Bradney is prepared to handle almost any client matter, serving corporations, business owners, municipalities, utilities, farmers and individuals.

The firm has earned a strong reputation for its abilities in insurance litigation and liability cases, representing numerous insurers from Illinois and out-of-state. The firm represents business clients in matters involving business law, contracts, leases, agricultural law, environmental compliance, elder law, real estate and other issues. Rammelkamp Bradney advises and represents individuals in matters involving estate planning and administration, family law, elder law, workers’ compensation, and other matters.

Building Better Communities

Rammelkamp Bradney encourages its employees to participate in civic and community organizations, though that encouragement is hardly needed. The firm’s attorneys and staff members eagerly contribute their energy and skills to numerous charities, youth groups, and church and civic organizations.

As a law firm, Rammelkamp Bradney is committed to building better and more prosperous communities in Central Illinois.

Distinguished American William Jennings Bryan (1860 – 1925) began his practice of law and journey to national prominence in what is now the Rammelkamp Bradney Jacksonville office building. Bryan would become a three-time Democratic presidential nominee, congressman from Nebraska and secretary of state under Woodrow Wilson.

Notable Rammelkamp Bradney Attorneys

Scores of talented attorneys have proudly practiced law under the Rammelkamp Bradney shingle for more than a century. Many individuals have made significant contributions over the decades to the firm’s growth and stature.


Orville Foreman

Orville Foreman was brilliant and innovative. In the early 1950s, Jacksonville was running out of water when Orville came up with the legal theory that Jacksonville had the power to construct a water transmission line to the Illinois River. Orville also drafted the widely recognized Lawyers/Realtors Accord and the Electrical Suppliers Act.


Albert W. Hall

Albert W. Hall had a winning personality of enormous magnitude and was extremely effective before a jury. He served as State’s Attorney of Morgan County for eight years during the turbulent period of the 1960s. He was responsible for silently, and without agitation, ensured civil rights statutes were adhered to in Morgan County.

Gordon D. Seater

Gordon D. Seater began to practice law after first being in the grain business. Circuit Judge John B. Wright asked Gordon to become the first Morgan County associate judge, where he served with distinction. After the retirement of Judge Writght, Gordon served as Circuit Judge until his death.


Theodore C. Rammelkamp

Theodore C. Rammelkamp came to the firm in 1948 after meritorious military service in World War II. He had a nimble, creative mind best reflected in the municipal legal work he and Orville foreman spearheaded for 30 years. Virtually everyone in central Illinois lives or works in a community with a municipal infrastructure built on the legal foundation and intellectual capital provided by Ted and Orville.

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