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Tax Planning

Almost everything we do has tax implications . Whether considering the tax implications of your estate, a business or personal acquisition, traversing a tax audit, or preparing income tax forms, it is important for individuals and businesses to consider the tax implications at both the state and federal level.

Rammelkamp Bradney’s attorneys are knowledgeable and work closely with clients to understand goals and objectives for minimization of taxes and ongoing tax management.

Tax Preparation Attorneys
Regardless of unique circumstances, the firm has the knowledge and skill to meet all of its clients’ tax planning and preparation needs arising in the areas of estate planning and administration, business taxation and personal income tax.

Estate Planning and Estate Tax Attorneys
A crucial role of estate planning is to minimize taxation in the transfer of assets to future generations and reduce the burden of estate assets. The attorneys at Rammelkamp Bradney guide client in creating a comprehensive estate plan to provide security and piece of mind.

Business Succession and other Business Law Issues
The firm has substantial experience working with business owners and farmers to manage the tax implications associated with transferring ownership to other family members, or transitioning business operations to new owners/operators.

Rammelkamp Bradney focuses on tax minimization strategies in all aspects of business operations, including consideration of the tax implications for profit, acquisition and sales.

Tax-Deferred Exchanges
When selling business or investment property, capital gains tax can have a drastic effect on financial growth potential, cash flow, and reinvestment opportunities. Rammelkamp Bradney has extensive experience in structuring tax-deferred exchanges to alleviate the burden of untimely capital gains tax. Whether exchanging for farm property, commercial property, build-to-suit property, or other business property, the attorneys at Rammelkamp Bradney have the knowledge to help clients understand and accomplish any type of Section 1031 exchange.

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